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We take great pride in the awards we produce. Cambridge Engravers uses supplies from fine Canadian engraving supply companies as well as the latest software in combination with time tested hand engraving techniques. Whether you need a single champagne flute laser engraved, a watch personalized or thousands of trophies for school awards or sports banquets, we have the capacity and skill to provide you with the best quality at excellent prices.

Our awards clients include several local sporting leagues, local offices and many local schools. If you live in the Tri-city area and have a son or daughter who has graduated from school in the past 15 years the chances are good that some of our work is in your home. Be sure to think of us for your awards needs in the future!

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Industrial Work

From stamps and dies to moulds and 2D/3D engraving, we have the machinery and the skill to produce the finest quality industrial work. Many of our customers find the work that we do to be unmatched in price and quality even by modern CAM processes. Engraving is one part science, one part art - hence a human touch produces a result with a much greater attention to detail.


Handles for a Printing Press
Steel Stamps
Reverse Stainless Steel Plate

A New Industrial Product has become available for the Laser system we use. A compound called CerMark is a paste that you apply to stainless steel. The CerMark has metal fibers in the compound and when heat is applied to the material it causes a chemical reaction that bonds the fibers to the steel. It produces a sharp permanent black engraving. Below are some samples of recent work we have done using CerMark.


Custom Trophies & Awards

Using our laser's vector cutting ability we can custom cut many different shapes and materials to meet your needs. The most common Materials for vector cutting are wood and acrylic. We can also Vector cut and engrave leather. Below is a Picture of a recent Acrylic award we created for a Futsal tournament.

Custom Acrylic Award

We have recently been making custom hockey trophies for a customer. His children really seem to enjoy having a unique display of their achievements. Below is a sample of the most recent trophy we did...


Glass Products

Over the past year we have been engraving glass products for various customers and events. Volume is no issue as we are able to produce a quality engraving in a timely manner. Below is a sample of some glasses we have engraved...