Cambridge Engravers

About Cambridge Engravers

Founded by Graham and Frances Williams in 1986, Cambridge Engravers (or Williams' Trophies And Engravers as it was known back then) has been a mainstay for awards and industrial engraving in the region of Southern Ontario.

The company has grown over time, expanding from a single hand driven pantograph to a complex computerized entity featuring laser engraving, CAM engraving and heavy duty industrial work.

Graham apprenticed as an engraver in Birmingham, England and has honed his skill in the trade for over 30 years. His dedication to high quality work as well as the reasonable rates charged have earned Cambridge Engravers a well deserved reputation as one of the finest engraving establishments in the area.

In 2001 Paul Crick joined Cambridge Engravers in co-operation with the Waterloo Regional District School Board. Paul has gone on to add immense value to the company, specializing in computer engraving and taking on some industrial work.